SF 12 - HBA001CT - Rose Bath and Shower Sponge Pack for 2 Pieces /2色玫瑰花型沐浴球2件套裝

Size: 15 cm
Color: Pink and Jet Ivory
Material: Nylon / Polyester
Simply apply your favorite shower gel for superb lather with two
revitalizing textures in these large, 60 gram mesh-lace bath poufs
by Shower Bouquet!  
Perfect size for virtually all hands with an easy-hang loop to
store them once you're done.

60克大網蕾絲沐浴球,將您喜歡的沐浴露塗在沐浴球上, 沐浴的活化質地使之產生豐富泡沫,沐浴球大小適中按摩在皮膚上使您享受舒適的沐浴過程.浴球有掛繩,方便完後掛起存放. 套裝備有粉紅色及米色各一個. 


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