SF19-BA001MU - 100% organic hypoallergenic and toxin-free Natural sea sponge Honeycomb brown(Size 3.5-4*inch)/100%有機低過感性,無毒素天然蜂窩狀海棉-棕色(尺寸3.5-4 *英寸)

Size: 3.5 - 4 "
Color: Honeycomb brown
Material: Natural sea sponge
  • My-little-Angel - Natural sea sponge Honeycomb are Top quality,
  • Hand harvested,It originates from the Mediterranean Sea
  • (mainly the Aegean Sea and the North Coast of Africa)
  • It's shape is almost spherical and thick. Its bottom surface,
  • which adheres to the substrate, is rough. These sponges
  • at depths between 9 and 80 meters .
  • Super elastic and durable Super , Eco friendly ,fully biodegradable
  • 100% organic, hypoallergenic and toxin-free , Mediterranean Sea
  • sponges for personal care is Perfect choice.
  • It is the only product known that will not damage your skin .
  • When using the natural sea sponge for bath or Face Cleaning,
  • Natural sea sponge Honeycomb can deep cleaning ,exfoliates,
  • leaves your skin radiant and smooth and facilitating the blood circulation.
  • Soft when wet Healthy and skin friendly even for newborns ,
  • After use rinsed off thoroughly under cool water and
  • before the next use keep dried.
  • My-little-Angel-天然海棉蜂窩是頂級品質,
    它的形狀幾乎是球形的,很厚。 它的底面
    附著在基材上的表面粗糙。 這些海綿
  • 地中海個人護理用海綿是完美的選擇。
  • 這是已知的唯一不會損害皮膚的產品。
  • 使用天然海棉沐浴或洗臉時,
  • 天然海棉蜂窩可以深層清潔,去角質,
  • 使用後用冷水徹底沖洗乾淨並
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