SF11-DIY001WP - DIY Merry-go-Round Cake Box/ 自組旋轉木馬蛋糕盒


Merry - go - Round Cake Box or Party Decoration
Paper self-assembled party set.
The design is special and cute.
Have 2 colors for choice ( Light Pink & Light blue ) 
Very suitable for children's birthday parties,
BB full moon and hundred-day banquet parties
And various parties such as weddings. 

It is easy to assemble and can be assembled with your child.
It is a very good choice to Increase parent-child time.

設計特別, 造型可愛.
很適合小孩生日聚會, BB滿月及百日宴派對
和婚禮等各種聚會 .

組裝容易, 可以和你的小孩一起組裝.
是一個很好的選擇 來增加親子時間.

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